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Company Kits

Company Kits / Company Kit / Corporate Kit / Corporate kits / Statutory Registers

Corporate or Company kits contain all statutory documents required by law to be kept by a company including a personalised company seal. Company kit contains the following sections: application of allotments, register of members, register of directors, register of secretaries, register of transfers, register of sealings, register of debentures, mortgages and charges, minutes, share certificates.

We produce company kits for many different jurisdictions around the world. In the United Kingdom the Companies Act 2006 stipulates that certain Statutory Registers / documents must be kept at the registered office address where the company kit may be inspected for compliance with the relevant act, additioanlly Companies House may request the pages from the company kit to be sent to them for inspection. Companies House refers to these documents as a company Statutory Register but they are commercially known as a Company kit, Company Kits. Outside of the UK they are often referred to as a Corporate Kit or Corporate Kits.

The exact sections of a company kit which are required by law to be kept differs from country to country. We produce company kits which will fulfill your statutory obligations in the relevant jurisdiction.

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