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If anyone can order a seal online what security does a seal offer?

All sealings must be recorded in the Statutory Register (often referred to as a company register or a corporate register or kit) that the company or corporation keeps. These documents are kept at the registered address of the company and must be available for inspection by the jurisdictions that governs that company.  If a sealing is not recorded in the Register of Sealings then it is of no legal or official standing.  Thus seals still offer great security and authentication. Although any one could arrange for a seal to be made,  the use of it would be of no legal standing without the sealing being recorded in the company register (Register of sealings) held at the registered office of the company.   For this reason company seals  are still in common use and are particularly useful when managing a company. Often they replace the need for the signature of the directors - the outlined use of a seal can be incorporated into the official incorporation documents. 

Who processes my credit card if I use it at your Store?

We use WorldPay for all online tranactions so you can be sure your credit card details are securely handled. WorldPay is Europe's largest payment services providers and processes over 12 million card tranactions each day.

How long will my order take to arrive?

All orders are normally dispatched within 24h and are shipped by First Class Royal Mail. Orders therefore generally take 2-3 working days to arrive. 

My seal has not arrived. What do I do now?

Generally seals arrive within 2-3 working days in the UK. (5-7 days Rest of World). It can happen that Postal Services take longer. If your seal has not arrived within 3-4 days, in the UK please
  1. Log into your account you can do this by clicking on the link in your confirmation email. Check order status - if it is marked as shipped or completed follow below steps
  2. Make sure the address you have entered for your order is correct
  3. Check with your local Post Office
  4. Make sure your order has not been left with a neighbour or with reception at your work.
If there is still no sign of your order, please contact us by e-mail and we will immediately take the necessary steps to make sure you receive your order asap.